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-"Girl or Woman with low or loose standards, always eager to seek cock and whore around large groups of males."
"You are a straight mud slut, always gettin' that dick."

"look at that KENTUCKY MUD SLUT,she knows the govna."

"OH WOW YOU ARE SUCH A MUD SLUT, you left a trail of slutty-ness."
by Martin vand May 19, 2009
A person who drives through mud holes
Mud slut, sticking it in every hole
by Kyle February 16, 2004
A mud slut is a slang name for a sand nigger's wife.

A mud slut is a black slut that lives in a primitive mud hut who can't stop fucking anyone with a cock.

Mud Slut is slang for a promiscuous black girl.
"Debbie what if one of those black bitches makes the cheerleading team?" "What! Are you out of your fucking mind Regina, those mud sluts wouldn't even know how to make a cake!"

"I don't want that mud slut anywhere near Kyle!"

If that dirty little mud slut thinks she can wheedle her way into this country, and into this families money, she has another thing coming!"
by August 19, 2006
A female, usually teenager or young adult, who partakes in the practice of promiscuous anal sex for the purpose of retaining her virginity and her intact hyman as well as avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.
"I'll bet she has flappy vag!..."
"No, no... She is still a virgin. She is just a wicked mudslut"
by Naopormiil June 17, 2016
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