1)Slang term for vagina, a shortened version of 'muck hole'.

2)The substance that oozes from the 'muck hole' when you rub a woman the right way.

3)A slang term to describe women in general.
1)"I was with Ella the other day, man she's got the tightest muck ever!!"

2)"I was rubbing up her pussy and got muck all over my hand!!"

3)"I was down at the mall the other day dude and there was plenty of good looking muck walking around!!"
by McFucko May 26, 2004
Slang for methamphetamines.
That fucking tweeker smoked up all my muck.
by Moji JoMama August 23, 2003
In Poker when you lose a hand, not sure what it means, can somebody elaborate? I think it means the act of throwing the cards face down out on the pile of loser hands.
See Pokerstars.net / pokerstars.com

You lost, Muck!
by Wet Magic February 21, 2005
The word M.U.C.K literally means
basically meaning rape of a man
That stalker MUCKed him in the alley.
by Leah January 15, 2005
Muck is the baby-word for milk.
Muck! Muuuuckkkkkk! Me want muck!
by Tomas October 27, 2004
when you have two guys in a graveyard; they dig up a dead woman. one of the guys puts their head between the womans legs and the other guy jumps on her stomach. What ever comes out of her pussy the guys have to eat and that is Muck.
The muck resembled rotten pasta
by Eli Talbert March 23, 2005
Yorkshire term for food. Very localised to Dewsbury area. Can be lengthened to 'muckment'.
"That was some good muck we had last neet"
by kaisersoseh October 19, 2015
"Dude, you know where I can find some mucks?"
"We're mucking on Tuesday"
by Tessbee November 30, 2014

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