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Spanish for "much badasstic". Used to describe the level of badassedness above normal but below "Maximum Badassiticity".

Used in a video titled, “The Top Five Things With Which Jason Bourne Could Beat Your Ass” along with Badassery, Badassedness, Badassity, Badasstic, Badassical, Badassitudinous, Badassitious, and Badassiticity
After beating a man’s ass with a rolled-up magazine and killing him, Jason Bourne unscrewed the man’s gas main and jammed the aforementioned rolled-up magazine into the man’s toaster. In time it caught fire and ignited the gas in the house, which Jason Bourne used as cover to make his escape. This, you see, is the next level of badass i.e. Mucho Badasstico.
by MastaRoe July 03, 2011
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