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An extension of BET.
Sorry folks, if you want to see quality programming on MTV, you have to rewind all the way back to the early and mid 80's!
by Scorpion January 18, 2005
94 10
MTV=music television...*GASP* or in other words....MTV=FALSE ADVERTISEMENT...i don't turn on the tv to watch more reality tv bullshit like the real they say, get MTV2!!!! thats bullshit...some one should sue them.
MTV is a load of bullshit!! i love hearing all the music that they play on there!! wait a minute...i can't hear the music...mostly because the people on the real world are talking during it. WHERE DID ALL THE MUSIC GO??????
by hoybo June 10, 2003
94 10
The reason why extraterrestrial lifeforms will never set foot on this planet.
All the aliens have to do is watch 10 minutes of MTV and decide that there is no intelligent life on Earth.
by dammit September 28, 2003
95 13
Money To Viacom

A brand which was purchased by Viacom in the late 1990s, which was also around the same time MTV's complete identity began to change, leaving viewers feeling alienated from something that was once a big part of their lives. Generation Xers complain and write harsh negative definitions about this brand on urbandictionary, and they are all pretty much accurate. The only reason we don't see huge rebellions against the current MTV is because most Generation Xers are too old to really care anymore, and the younger generation doesn't know any different so they accept it.
Person 1: I want my MTV.

Person 2: Hop into this time machine and I'll transport you back to 1993.
by P.A. March 07, 2005
90 9
A G-d awful network that must be purged off the airwaves. It is like VOA for stupid pre-teens and teens who want to see videos controlled by MTV's controlled playlist which is carefully controlled by JIVE and Capitol so nothing that isnt shitty pop will ever be shown. The network does come up with good animation series, but prematurely takes them off to twist your nads a little.
I have lost what little respect I had for MTV since those bastards cancelled 3-South. FUCKING PRICKS!!!!!!!!
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 23, 2003
93 12
The worst channel of all time today that's bringing kids in numerous generations to nothing but posers and wannabes. It's got only three shows that draw all the morons to the screen... Totally Rigged Live, Real World, and Road Rules. Real World, my ass... If you want the Real World, get the hell out of your house.

MTV is simply a dictation of what is "cool" and appeals to blondes and jocks.
MTV was cool when Beavis & Butthead was around until some little prick injured himself.
by Notta Poser August 06, 2003
85 6
Proof that there is no God
by my dick July 25, 2003
133 54