Some big-arse'd cow somebody trained to be a teacher. Otherwise known among students as Mrs. COWmacho.
She's fat and smelly, big time. She's a seventh&eighth grade teacher. She likes to scream at poorly behaved teenagers. But well,TEENAGERS. She could probably hide an airplane in her abdomen fat and still have some spare space for about 30 kids.
(in literature class making vocabulary development. The board actually said: Vocabulary Development/5xEach )
student: Is it 5 times each the word, or the meaning?
mrs. camacho: see the board.
student: it just says 5 times each vocabulary development
mrs. camacho: ok then *goes all angry towards the board and writes "WORD" all big so that anonymous student can see* There, see that? WORD.
by Gallagher. June 05, 2009

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