- A guy who thinks he's a stud.
- A sarcastic nickname.
- A guy who is usually all about the ladies.
- The official nickname of "Alexander Carneiro"
- Sometimes when used as sarcasm it could mean a guy who has been hurt too much by women and has decide to just give up on them and take a vacation.
- A guy who flirts too much.
- A gentleman.
- Someone who is extremely smooth.
- Also known as "The Stud" or "Studmuffin"
Alyssa: Wow, who is that guy? He's pretty sweet.
Kevin: Oh, that's just MrStud.

Jason: The ladies love me.
Frank: Aha, okay... "MrStud".

Henry: Hey, the names MrStud.
Lynnise: Okay, "MrStud", you're a creep.

(George holds the door open for some ladies)
Kasey: Oh why thank you, Stud!

Alex: I need to start working out soon.
Joey: Yeah, maybe, you're such a studmuffin.
by HotPocketLover February 17, 2011

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