A STUPID RETARTED JERK. he is a fuckin asshole and should go burn in hell for defining Switchfoot the way he did.
Mr. Miyagi is an asshole because he said Switchfoot is annoying and talentless
by switchfootlover422 January 13, 2008
Top Definition
Racially charged word for marijuana, or being high on marijuana. Comes from the love of Karate Kid & the fact marijuana makes your eyes sleepy like an asian man.
"Damn! It smells like Mr. Miyagi son!"

"Who got that Miyagi"
by Craig Hammer January 16, 2009
A person that was born in the country of China (also referred to as a chinaman) who is very wise and has a vast knowledge of mathematics or any other logical subject. This person is always consulted in mathematical or logical questions and they have a habit of helping everybody out either you want there help or not. This is like the Mr miyagi from the movie karate kid who had a vast knowledge of karate.
Fuck that Sam ling from chem and calculus, hes such a fucking Mr Miyagi. Hes always helping jessica the girl that i want to fuck everyday and night.
by chinamaneatsushi March 21, 2011
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