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A cute green smiley that is a basic staple to all phpbb forum emoticons. It is green, rather than yellow, and displays a huge teethy grin, expressing a large ammount of happiness.
Reply: Jobs!

Hey guys, I just got a raise! :mrgreen: haha I like Mr. Green! lol!
by Jennnnnnnnnnn August 29, 2006
Cash. Money.
I ain't doing shit for you unless I get a visit from Mr. Green.

Or. Be sure to bring Mr. Green with you when we meet.
by vindex Parsley April 09, 2011
The dankest marijuana on the east coast. First strain known to be established in Northern New Jersey, USA. This bud also lives up to its name, smoking this strain will cause you to vison yourself and friends, who are also smoking, to turn a greenish tint with spots all over. Smoking large amounts will cause an Insane euphoric feeling with an incredible head high, as well as a smooth body high.

Mr.Green Himself- Here you go man, stay up.
You- What kind of weed is this bro?
Mr.Green Himself- Haha, its call MrGreen. Enjoy Peace
You after smoking- HOLY SHIT
by Mr.Green Enthusiast September 10, 2008
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