Mr. ED = "Mr. Erectile Dysfunction" = a guy who can't get it up.
Brother & Sister having lunch at college:

BROTHER: So, sis, I see you went out with Dick Senormous last night. I have gym with that dude, and his pecker head hangs down below the bottom of his towel. So, did you get any action?

SISTER: He tried, but, he's Mr. ED bro'; his pecker head hung DOWN to his knees all night long. I think he needs a penis reduction. I don't think there's enough blood in his body to get that thing up!
by Adam DeFeather August 17, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who is hung like horse
Damn that guy is a Mr. Ed, all the chicks want want that 10 inch piece he carries in his pants.
by Phakebox August 01, 2005
When a guy is hung like a horse
That guy is a regular Mr Ed. All of the chicks want a piece of that 9 inch tool he has in his pants.
by Phakebox August 08, 2005
An ancient term used to describe a "Happy Wanderer". A minstral in kind!
Do you think you're a mred?
by NickTight May 28, 2003
A huge penis. Named after the horse.
Ron Jeremy has a Mr Ed.
by Nathan Burns September 15, 2006
Mr Ed as in TV fame
an intelligent Horse
who's ever heard of a talking horse
I am Mr Ed
by Bernie May 30, 2003
The act of taking a plastic bag (with handles) and attaching them over your ears so the bag hangs down without the need of holding. Used primarly for excessive vomiting where you need your hands free. A kind of "hands free" puking device.
"I was so fucked up I pulled a Mr. Ed in the limo"
by Old Dirty Danny May 05, 2005
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