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A song featuring Jay-Z on Lil Wayne's album the Carter III. Also Lil Wayne's and Jay-Z's last name.
The Carter III/Track 2-Mr.Carter
by Mr.Washington July 23, 2008
A song by Lil Wayne that also features Jay-Z, both of which have the last name of Carter. The song is asking about where "Mr. Carter" has been, and both of them reply that they have been around the world, and back again.
Wayne is making his 3peat in this album, while Jay-Z has been in a retirement stage for a few years.
Speaker: "Hey Mr. Carter"
Jay-Z/Lil Wayne : "Hello"
Speaker: "Tell me where you been"
Jay-Z/Lil Wayne: "You know"
by Prequel2TheCquel July 30, 2008