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The God of stopping what you're doing, listening, knowing where the door is, hitting yourself on the way out, getting lateslips when you want to go to the washroom, saying the answer is "no." and kay'ing.
Boy: "Excuse me, Mr. Schiller?
Mr. Schiller: "Just stop what you're doing, and listen."
Boy: "I'm not doing anythin-"
Mr. Schiller: "There's the door, don't hit yourself on the way out..."
Boy: "But I didn't do anythin-"
Mr. Schiller: "Get a late slip.."
Boy: "Erm... wha-?"
Mr. Schiller: "I wouldn't say the answer is no, but no."
Boy: "This is ridiculous."
Mr. Schiller: "Kay."
by Dureiz March 07, 2011