When a man traps his partner under the sheets and farts until she or he is knocked out. Then the man poops in a condom, and freezes it for a duration of 1 hour. After the hour, the man shoves the poop condom into their partner leaving them with massive bruise on their vagina or ass.
Did you hear about Jim?

Yeah he got a mozzarella stick, been in the hospital for weeks. You can stick a watermelon in there.
by Jerky 24 February 26, 2011
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Someone who you turn to for casual, no-strings-attached hookups. a "snack" of sorts.
guy: What's going on with you and Steve? Are you guys dating?
girl: Oh not really, he's just a mozzarella stick.
by littlewanton September 13, 2011
term of adoration to describe a cute, short and semi thick guy who can be lame but still makes an amazing boyfriend (when he's not playing video games).

he is the bomb diggity. most of the time.
Monica- "Mozzarella stick! I haven't seen you in ages."

Mozzarella Stick- "I know, I know... Cataclysm's out and I've been leveling."

Monica- "sigh."
by mozzarellastickisyummy December 12, 2010
The process when a male solidifies a large amount of semen right after sex. When it is ready, he forms it into a rod shape using his hand, then deep fries it and/or breads it. He then force feeds it to his sexual partner.
Dude, I just mozzarella sticked my girlfriend last night. I got so horny.

My boyfriend just mozzarella sticked me last night. He really knows how to cook.
by Not a Pidgeon April 25, 2013
An extremely derogatory term used for people from Sicily. Do not use it!
Nick is such a mozzarella stick.
by Guido103 May 30, 2014
A Mexican Penis That Is Ready To Cum Explode. The cum, or cheese, comes out very slowy and takes forever to swallow.
Mexicans get a mozzarella stick when they see latinas.
by SeaHawksRule January 30, 2007

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