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Oral sex. The phrase was popularized by a call-in segment on The Young Turks in July of 2009.
George Bush was getting mouth-love in the White House, the only difference was it was his wife!
by Monty Park July 01, 2009
Fellatio (on males) or Cunnillingus (on females); a blow job.
Mel Gibson, drunk and nearly unintelligible, angrily screamed at his Russian ex-wife that he would burn her house down, but only after she gave him Mouth Love first. Mel is crazy again, I guess.
by WelcomeToNowhere July 21, 2010
Oral sex.
I said get down on your knees baby, and give me the mouthlove.
by SEXCELLENT BICKWUCK September 26, 2002