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Act of delievering your man juice into a willing participants mouth.
Oliver: "Hey Kyle what did you do last night?"
Kyle: "I got home from work and had my lady come over to help me make mouth babies."
by King Pele March 06, 2008
The act of ejaculating into a female's mouth, thus causing a pregnancy of the mouth.
I skeeted in yo mouth, now I have to pay child support fo yo mouth baby.
by Dayumshawty June 08, 2010
(n). The sperm dumped in a mouth when a guy cums from a blowjob.
Damn, that guy is so hot I would totally have his mouthbabies!
by boltman69 May 25, 2010
Babies conceived in the oral cavity during a makeout after both parties have performed oral sex on one another.
My girlfriend and I forgot to brush our teeth after 69-ing, now she's knocked up with mouth babies.
by not_taylor July 27, 2013
To transfer spit orally. aka, getting off with, making out
Betty: Me and Gillian made gorgeous mouthbabies last night
Trisha: As long as that was the only babies you were making!
by Pixiepoojab May 07, 2007
A term used to express one's gratitude
"Dude, if you get me those WHAM! tickets I'll totally have your mouth babies"
by rayjayjohnson September 25, 2007
the art of sucking someones face off...
Check out those dykes their making mouth babies big time

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