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1. Words
2. Spit
3. Jizz
1. Sally was spittin' all this mouth jizz about Derek last night.
2. I can't stop mouth jizz'in!
3. Derek came so much in my mouth I had to mouth jizz it all out!
by Moll Dawg and Thurs Pup September 11, 2012
When eating something very good, saliva spews out of your mouth.
Wow the pizza was so good my mouth jizzed for a second!
by MicroPenisMan February 17, 2014
1.When you lick something alot inside of your mouth, say a lollipop, then for some reason, you appear to have a tingly sensation.
2.When you see really good food,Entrees or Apetizers NEVER DESSERT!, and your mouth starts to water.
DUDE!, i walked by in n out the other day and had a total mouth jizz!

Dude, i know. i was looking at pizza the other day. boo yah!
by Fatfisher-1 April 08, 2009