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1. Words
2. Spit
3. Jizz
1. Sally was spittin' all this mouth jizz about Derek last night.
2. I can't stop mouth jizz'in!
3. Derek came so much in my mouth I had to mouth jizz it all out!
by Moll Dawg and Thurs Pup September 11, 2012
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When eating something very good, saliva spews out of your mouth.
Wow the pizza was so good my mouth jizzed for a second!
by PanisCupcake February 17, 2014
1.When you lick something alot inside of your mouth, say a lollipop, then for some reason, you appear to have a tingly sensation.
2.When you see really good food,Entrees or Apetizers NEVER DESSERT!, and your mouth starts to water.
DUDE!, i walked by in n out the other day and had a total mouth jizz!

Dude, i know. i was looking at pizza the other day. boo yah!
by Fatfisher-1 April 08, 2009

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