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One who reigns supremacy over trolls, and works to rid them from the internet.
I have exposed your lies you troll! I am a mountain troll!
by Bocaj470 June 26, 2009
Just an absolute slapper of a woman; her crawlspace remains open for days on end waiting for its next victim. Typically larger than the average male, the "mountain troll" woman finds her pray drunken in bars, sleeping in the alleys, and in the Bronx. A full savv to say the least.
Charles - "Hey bobby"
bobby - "whats up homes"
Charles - "how was that mountain troll that mounted you last night?"
bobby- "Yao Kay you savage bint"
by Bint Sav June 30, 2013
Anybody that lives on a mountain that dosent really leave, and can't get cable internet.
Calvin: Lenny, your suck a mountain troll.

Lenny: Why?

Calvin: Because you never leave your mountain.
by Nematoad June 27, 2006
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