When a couple has doggy style sex and the man keeps pushing the girl toward the edge of the bed until she almost falls off. She is then forced to clamber onto the edge of the bed with her fists like a mountain goat climbing down a mountain
Guy 1: Dude that exchange student hailey is in hospital
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: cause ben tried to do a mountain goat but the dumb bitch fell off the bed
by latte drinking maths lover May 07, 2011
Top Definition
When two girls have sex with one dildo facing away from eachother.
Girl 1: Lets have sex tonight
Girl 2: Good..because i just bought a new dildo and i want to try it out mountain goating
by Kellllllllllllllllllls April 27, 2010
An ugly ratchet hoe
Person 1: Yo, did see Hailey today?
Person 2: Yea, she looked like Mountain goat with that ugly ass weave.
by BigBootyJo June 17, 2015
Like a cougar, only older & with chin hair. They typically try to dress trendy, get with young cabana boy type guys, have ginormous acrylic nails, processed hair, and liver spots. May or may not be a sugar mama, depending on the wealth (or lack thereof) her first (and/or 2nd-3rd-4th) husband had.

If not wealthy, Mountain Goats can often be found residing in trailer parks, with at least on piece of Dolly Parton paraphernalia.
Christena: "whoah, did you see the gold splattered jeggings that Mountain Goat is wearing in an effort to appear relevant & get that dude's attention who's in his early 20's?"

Johnny: "for reals. It's disturbing; she smells like generic Elizebeth Taylor White Diamonds perfume, stale menthols & used cat litter..."
by Freckletastic November 23, 2010
When men assemble in a human pyramid, but put their testicles and dick through their legs so it looks like a goat. Hence, mountain goat is a mountain of people in this 'goat' position. It is often done inside a room and used to shock a person walking into the room.
We mountain goated that one kid so bad
by dillon jagersky March 28, 2008
The male equivalent of cougar.
"Man, check out those mountain goats moving in on that pack of cougars."
by rand July 08, 2007
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