A drink, gave to man as a gift from God himself. Known commonly as what Jesus died for. Has been produced in 6 flavors- Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew : Code Red, Mountain Dew : LiveWire, Mountain Dew : Baja Blast, Mountain Dew : Pitch Black, and Mountain Dew : Pitch Black II. Better than sexual intercourse. Seriously, its that good. Do The DEW!
"Do The Dew!" (Right now damn it!)

"I just jizzed everywhere!"
"Whoa! Do you have another can of Mountain Dew?"

"I can't feel my legs!"
"I just had sex while drinking a Mountain Dew"
by InJecTeD_MeTaL October 23, 2005
The greatest liquid on this planet and Mars! Especially popular in the south. The flavor is unknown and the first sip is painful and it is pee colored.....It is God's piss1
All hail the Mountain Dew.
by pousson November 11, 2007
when it's 90 degrees out and humid and your titties begin to sweat.
This chick on the subway had mountain dew so bad it stunk like salsa.
by Lauren A. December 13, 2007
Another term for "boob sweat," when a girl gets sweat marks on their shirt in the area underneath their boobs.
"She has some serious mountain dew going on."
"Hey, you've got some mountain dew there..."
by AnnieMayStellar November 03, 2005
a mountain dew is when you shit on someones chest and make a mountain, then piss on top of the mountain to cause it to make a land slide, this is known as the mountain dew.
I just took a mountain dew on your mom, man!
by Yardo September 22, 2006
The worst soft drink ever manufactured. One swig and you'll want to wash out the disgusting aftertase with a can of 'new coke'. It's that bad.

Buy sprite instead...
College Student 1: Got anything to drink?
College Student 2: Just some dew...
College Student 1: In that case why don't I just go upstairs and kill myself...
College Student 2: The rope's in the closet...
College Student 1: Thanks, dude...
by Bert Bert August 17, 2005
1) A beverage from PepsiCo that is high in caffeine and extremely good.

2) God's blood, sweat, and tears in the form of a bottle/can.

3) Any redneck's favorite drink

4) Heaven in a variety of flavors including (but not limited to) Code Red, Live Wire, Voltage, and Baja Blast.

5) Sponsors Dale Jr's NASCAR car

6) If you put all flavors of cans into a giant circle, they will all spill into a dew puddle and summon Jesus

7) A term used for when you don't really know whether you just ejaculated or pissed yourself

8) A form of liquid meth to gamers

1) Jimmy went to the store to buy some Mountain Dew so he could serve his party guests with something

2) "I just drank Mountain Dew.......holy shit"

3) "Hey Ol' Jimbo, wanna go get some Mountain Dew and then go hunting?"

4) Charlie was unable to decide what Mountain Dew flavor to get, for he knew all of them would give him immortality.

5) Dale Jr won the NASCAR race because of the power or Mountain Dew

6) Andrew was stunned when he pulled a Mountain Dew. Facing him, with a glowing face and white robes, was none other than Jesus.

7) "Bobby my pants are wet af and I don't know whether it is piss or cum"
"Damn, that's some Mountain Dew right there"

8) Jacob met Alex at 11:00 at night behind the alley to do their Mountain Dew exchange

9) "Want some Mountain Dew?"
by bmb0909 November 06, 2015

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