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A drink, gave to man as a gift from God himself. Known commonly as what Jesus died for. Has been produced in 6 flavors- Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew : Code Red, Mountain Dew : LiveWire, Mountain Dew : Baja Blast, Mountain Dew : Pitch Black, and Mountain Dew : Pitch Black II. Better than sexual intercourse. Seriously, its that good. Do The DEW!
"Do The Dew!" (Right now damn it!)

"I just jizzed everywhere!"
"Whoa! Do you have another can of Mountain Dew?"

"I can't feel my legs!"
"I just had sex while drinking a Mountain Dew"
by InJecTeD_MeTaL October 23, 2005
a mountain dew is when you shit on someones chest and make a mountain, then piss on top of the mountain to cause it to make a land slide, this is known as the mountain dew.
I just took a mountain dew on your mom, man!
by Yardo September 22, 2006
The worst soft drink ever manufactured. One swig and you'll want to wash out the disgusting aftertase with a can of 'new coke'. It's that bad.

Buy sprite instead...
College Student 1: Got anything to drink?
College Student 2: Just some dew...
College Student 1: In that case why don't I just go upstairs and kill myself...
College Student 2: The rope's in the closet...
College Student 1: Thanks, dude...
by Bert Bert August 17, 2005