The single most addictive, non-alcoholic drink I have ever encountered. I got hooked on it at an American airbase and I had withdrawal symptoms when i returned back to Newcastle. It tasted alot like a drink we used to have here called Tab, whatever happened to that?
I crack open a can:
mmmm sweet nectar, gotta have more, more, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ezmerelda August 28, 2005
a mountain dew is when you shit on someones chest and make a mountain, then piss on top of the mountain to cause it to make a land slide, this is known as the mountain dew.
I just took a mountain dew on your mom, man!
by Yardo September 22, 2006
The worst soft drink ever manufactured. One swig and you'll want to wash out the disgusting aftertase with a can of 'new coke'. It's that bad.

Buy sprite instead...
College Student 1: Got anything to drink?
College Student 2: Just some dew...
College Student 1: In that case why don't I just go upstairs and kill myself...
College Student 2: The rope's in the closet...
College Student 1: Thanks, dude...
by Bert Bert August 17, 2005
An Essence of Life Mountain Dew can heal any wounds and combined with Dorritos it can give life
Guy: What are you drinking?
Guy: Mountain Dew Dipshit
by MLGDEW February 02, 2015

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