The single most addictive, non-alcoholic drink I have ever encountered. I got hooked on it at an American airbase and I had withdrawal symptoms when i returned back to Newcastle. It tasted alot like a drink we used to have here called Tab, whatever happened to that?
I crack open a can:
mmmm sweet nectar, gotta have more, more, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ezmerelda August 28, 2005
a slang term for bootleg alcohol. they call it that good ole mountain dew, them that refuse it are few
My unlce mort hes awful short, measures bout 4 feet 2. He thinks he giant when you slip hit a pint of that good ole mountain dew.

Ill hush up my mug if you fill up my jug with that good ole mountain dew
by Phil Horwitz December 20, 2006
The sweat between a super busty chics boobs.
Look at the mountain dew between her gorge.
by A. Tizzle December 05, 2006
A faboulus tasting soft drink made by Pepsi. Bold in flavor and amzing green color, really if you want the easist definition its simply, "The Nector of the Gods" (plus its endorsed by Chuck Norris so its automatically BAMF) Drink up!!!!
The only soft drink you will ever need is Mountain Dew.
by Kurtifer StClair September 20, 2007
Many people think that man made mountain dew, what they don't realize is mountain dew made man.
I just drank a mountain dew...I think I just ejaculated in my pants.
by Matt111 January 05, 2008
The greatest liquid on this planet and Mars! Especially popular in the south. The flavor is unknown and the first sip is painful and it is pee colored.....It is God's piss1
All hail the Mountain Dew.
by pousson November 11, 2007
when it's 90 degrees out and humid and your titties begin to sweat.
This chick on the subway had mountain dew so bad it stunk like salsa.
by Lauren A. December 13, 2007
Another term for "boob sweat," when a girl gets sweat marks on their shirt in the area underneath their boobs.
"She has some serious mountain dew going on."
"Hey, you've got some mountain dew there..."
by AnnieMayStellar November 03, 2005

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