Most popular soda from PepsiCo (excluding pepsi)
Has the most caffeine allowed in a soda.
Has 5 different flavors. Mt. Dew livewire, Mt. Dew Code red, Mt. Dew Baja blast (sold only at Taco Bell), Mt Dew Pitch Black and Original Mt. Dew. and is now sold in 14 oz cans in a 15 pack, which i think all mt dew lovers are screaming for joy about, to bad its limited edition.
Great for staying up all night at parties, doing homework etc.
Me:I love these new 14 oz cans of mt dew. To bad its a limited edition.

Friend: Ha! I think they will take it back like they say but then all soda will be 14 oz cans.

so the question is will it be limited edition?
by TheKez June 24, 2005
Basically a caffenated version of 7Up mixed with lemonade. Contrary to popular belief, Yellow 5 (the dye used to color the soda yellow) does not make your testicles shrink, but it does slightly lower your sperm count for about an hour or two after drinking.
Brittany wouldn't shut up about how her boyfriend was using Mountain Dew as a form of birth control. Now she's a 14-year-old mother.
by Morbidia May 30, 2005
alcoholic drink; moon shine; usually in reference to distilled ethanol alcohol made in the southern mountains.
We got drunk off of grandpas jars of mountain dew in the basement.
by septic623 February 15, 2010
Tit Sweat or Sweat of the Tits.
"Dude that hot milf was running so hard she had mad mountain dew!"
by the real abe lincoln August 25, 2009
Originally, a euphemism for moonshine, 'shine or corn licker. Now thanks to mass merchandising the name of a popular soft drink. Gives a whole different meaning to do the Dew.
Revenuers are on their way, best hide the Mountain Dew.
by dewd November 06, 2005
(n) The sweat that is produced in the valley between women's breasts during any physical exertion.
Lady: "That love making was quite the workout! I worked up some serious mountain dew!"

Man: "I know. I am a God!!!"
by valetvalet May 08, 2014
The dew that forms between a womans Boobs....On a hot summer day or while doing strenuous working out, having sex, moving day, having sex, cleaning house,having sex ,Mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, sex, Cooking, sex or Hiking..Etc..
Wheew... It's so hot in this gym, I oozed out alot of Mountain Dew! Time to hit the showers.

Baby..I really need a shower now..I did all the work to produce all this Mountain Dew!

* Appilicable Only To Big Breasted Women..Little Boobies Need Not Apply or are able to use this word because it would then be politically incorrect..LOL

Mountain Of Breast= Mountain Dew

Small Boobs= Mole Hill Dew
by Smiley One....CCu2 June 17, 2009
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