Most popular soda from PepsiCo (excluding pepsi)
Has the most caffeine allowed in a soda.
Has 5 different flavors. Mt. Dew livewire, Mt. Dew Code red, Mt. Dew Baja blast (sold only at Taco Bell), Mt Dew Pitch Black and Original Mt. Dew. and is now sold in 14 oz cans in a 15 pack, which i think all mt dew lovers are screaming for joy about, to bad its limited edition.
Great for staying up all night at parties, doing homework etc.
Me:I love these new 14 oz cans of mt dew. To bad its a limited edition.

Friend: Ha! I think they will take it back like they say but then all soda will be 14 oz cans.

so the question is will it be limited edition?
by TheKez June 24, 2005
Said to be the sweat of God himself, bottled on the seventh day while he rested after the creation of the universe. This glorious beverage was given to an un-named prophet to be made available for all people of all races. This "nectar of God" is now distibuted to all who wish to feel the rejuvinating effect of ingesting this beverage through various supermarkets, gas stations, vending machines and Taco Bell. Also known as Amazing
Drink Mountain Dew and you'll discover what's inside quenches like no other.
by DOMitus Prime November 20, 2006
Mountain Dew, a highly caffinated drink. Good for a pick me up when meth is not available. WARNING! Do not make Mountain Dew your only consumable liquid! It causes kidney stones! Seriously!
Johnny was feeling spent so he drank 10 bottles of Mountain Dew and stayed up for 12 hours playing Mystery Date.
by Da Biznatch April 08, 2003
A carbonated beverage made by PepsiCo. Highly caffeinated for a soda (55mg per 12oz compared to 80-135mg per 8oz of brewed coffee). Advertised as an "extreme" drink in commercials, with people participating in extreme sports, often grabbing a can with one hand while upside down in mid-air performing an extreme stunt, and chugging it all. Mountain Dew claims a large variety of flavors, in order of creation:
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Code Red (Cherry)
Mountain Dew Livewire (Orangish)
Mountain Dew Pitch Black (Grape)
Mountain Dew Baja Blast (Tropical Lime)
Mountain Dew Pitch Black 2 (Sour Grape)
PepsiCo also creates diet flavors of Mountain Dew drinks. Also, there are two drinks marketed as energy drinks:
Mountain Dew AMP
Mountain Dew MDX
AMP is bottled in the classic energy drink style, a slendar aluminum can, while MDX is bottled in a smaller, more unique style of platic bottling. An enjoyment of all Mountain Dew flavors is that each flavor holds the taste and kick of regular Mountain Dew, along with its separate flavor, with the exception of Pitch Black and Pitch Black 2, which arguably don't hold the taste of regular Dew.
"Yo, bro, stop here. We need to pick up some Mountain Dew."
"Yo, for real, thats extreme."
by jparkdzg May 11, 2006
1. The condinsation (sweat) between a females cleavage.
Hannah: Wow it's really hot out here!
Emily: yeah! I totally got some Mountain dew goin' on!
by Sugartits28 October 16, 2010
In the night of the Last Supper, as the story is told, Jesus took bread and wine and blessed them. The actual use of bread is unknown, but recent research has shown that the Blood of Christ was not wine, but Mountain Dew.
... again after supper he took the cup, gave thanks and gave it for all to drink saying "This is Mountain Dew. Let it live for eternity as the drink of Jesus!
by dew_does_me_1143 January 06, 2010
Proof that God exists.
I don't drink coffee, I drink Mountain Dew.
by Kurt F October 27, 2007
a homeade liquor or moonshine
hey buddy get me some more mountain dew
by redneck dumbass June 02, 2005
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