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A nice suburb outside of Birmingham, Alabama. Mountain Brook has an economy slightly higher than surrounding areas, ok a lot higher. The ongoing stereotype is that everyone who goes to Mountain Brook is considered a "Brookie" or someone who feeds off of Daddy's money and does drugs because there is nothing better to do. However, just because Daddy went to college, worked hard, and was successful, doesn't give the right for other people to immediately judge their kids into being "rich" boys or girls. There are some assholes and douchebags at the school, but they are devastatingly overpowered by the smart, and incredibly nice people. Mountain Brook has an incredible school structure and a community full of nice people. Unfortunately, the ongoing stereotype of Mountain Brook will continue, as the assholes who hate them will keep at their game until they decide to go drink and screw the nearest slice of booty. And while you are trashing Mountain Brook, remember this, good people live there, and they will amount to better things without the use of money.
"Hey those Mountain Brook kids have so much money, they probably never worked a day in their life!"
"You got that right, now let's skip school so we can drink&drive while we have sex with our girlfriends who aren't sluts, cause only sluts come from Mountain Brook! hyuck hyuck hyuck!"

Mountain Brook, Alabama, the Beverly Hills of Alabama. Lies, Beverly Hills is in California idiots, and there sure as hell wouldn't be one in Alabama.
by pimphandrespect February 24, 2010
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