A No Name University, with absolutely nothing of note to offer to any prospective student except the gaurantee of therapy and wasting 100K+ of their parent's money. The student body is indeed unique, in that they find mocking their lack of a football team humorous and using "Mount" as a verb for any and all sexual jokes as educated wit. It is, however, the number one school in western Maryland for producing grandiose plans of development and never acting upon them. Although there are no fraternities on campus, the conduct of several student-run organizations, specifically the men's rugby team, will make you believe otherwise. Any prospective student which has recieved propoganda from MSM must take note of the invisible writing on the back cover panel, for none of the scenic views portrayed within the pamphlet are actaully anywhere near the campus itself. Most students can not agree upon which is the more ironic facet of the mockery of higher education that is Mount Saint Mary's: 1. That it claims to be a well known institute of progressive education while existing in the middle of no where (the closest outpost of civilization being a one stoplight town which will eventually be consumed by Gettysburg) or 2. That it claims to be a tranquil campus in a small town setting while route 15 literally divides the campus in half. In short, The definition of Mount Saint Mary's University is waste of life, money, effort and potential.
HS Student 1: "Bro, I'm thinking of applying to Mount Saint Mary's College/University "
HS Student 2: "Dont"
by downhill March 16, 2008
A shitty "college" located in Newburgh, NY, a totally ghetto town. And yet - the students at the Mount are very different - they're mainly rich white preppy Roman Catholic kids from Long Island or New Jersey. Beware of the river. And beware of your druggie roommate who's father is actually the CFO of some huge Long Island company - if you're mean to the kid he/she'll sue yo' ass and throw you into the poisoned Hudson River.
"Oh dear. I spent all my money shopping...Let's go beg my dad for more, he won't mind..."
by Danielle R May 03, 2005
Look around and realize that as much as it may seem otherwise, you are indeed at a college. Binge drinking does and will occur. Hook ups and fucking will occur. Drugs will be used. Just because its a catholic school does not mean that every fucking person here is a priest in training. If you have a problem with any of that you've obviously been too sheltered your whole fucking life and need to get the fuck out of here and live with your fucking parents. Take a trip to any other college and tell me the same shit doesn't go on. In fact, i'll put money on the fact that it occurs even more. It's called college. No other time in your life will you have ass living right next to you, basically asking to be fucked. So shut the fuck up. If you came here expecting to be just as sheltered as youve been the rest of your whole life then either get the fuck out or join the seminary.If you really wanna complain, please direct your whining and bullshit towards our wonderful president. And by wonderful i mean fucking horrible. That shitbag has done nothing but cause problems. Athletic teams are cocky. Get over it, its the same everywhere else but they get a shitload more privileges than they get here so relax.

I am in no way shape or form saying this place is a nice place to be. It sucks. That much is painfully obvious. But youre complaining for all the wrong reasons. You're complaining about the things that are at every college. Youre complaining about the things that you try to get away from your whole life but never can. Face it assholes, there are cliques everywhere, be it high school, college or your fucking office full of goddamn cubicles. Get the fuck over it. You'd think by now since all of your self-righteous assholes are so much more mature than the rest of the college that it would just be water under the fucking bridge. Jesus christ, wipe the fucking sand out of your goddamn vaginas and shut the fuck up.

So here's a tip. Worry about your own fucking problems. And if you can't concentrate on your own shit because of a drunk asshole on your hall then do something about it. Tell them to shut the fuck up. But for Gods sake, dont come on the fucking internet and complain about specific people because they at least trying to make the best out of this shithole. You have the rest of your life to be an uptight asshole.

Go to any college in the fucking country and find me a campus that doesnt have a shitload of people that that get high, shitfaced, belligerant, obnoxious, annoying, throw up...the list goes on and on faggots. Just cause you came here with a completely skewed dillusional point of view about college dont come here and whine about every little thing that irks you.

The girls are gonna be stuck up. The guys are gonna be assholes and try and get the girls drunk and hook up with them. You might even get GHB'd and if you do then maybe next time make your own fucking drink. The holier-than-thou people here will constantly think they're better than you, and chances are they are. Find solace in the fact that their aren't fraternities here. You're only here for four years so graduate and get out, no big deal. I'm just sick of people acting like this is the only place where people drink their faces off. Quit being so fucking uptight. If you want to complain about wasted money, that's at least something valid. How bout our reverred presidents christmas arches at x-mass time that were put up just in time for people to drive under them as they left for break. Or the nativity scene that looked like a white trash fun house. Note: The field that the athletic teams are trying to get together was and is funded by mostly all outside alumnus and donations.

White kids act hard wherever you go, thats no new revelation and its certainly not distinct to this campus. People play loud music in their cars or in their dorms, so dont listen or get over it. Nothings gonna change. There are nerds, jocks, sluts, preps, tough guys, god-squads, sketchballs and there always have been. Thats life, move on and dont bother anyone else. Relax, because the person that is talking shit about you is probably being talked about behind their back just as much. If it seems like im trying to come off better than you its cause i am.

If you honestly have a major problem with the way things are here, then for Gods sake transfer. I'm sure there are plenty of other places that are much much cheaper than this place . AS far as i see it, youre payin 30 thousand to complain about all the things you shouldnt be complaining about. Jesus, just move off campus, its not that complicated. You act like kids partying on the weekend is a rarity. If i seem to be venting on that certain issue its cause it just baffles me that you people are so fucking dumb. It's four years where you have free reign to get sloshed and its not a big deal to anyone else. So either join in or quit complaining

Quit worrying about other peoples shit and just move on with your own life. You have all your life to be up uptight asshole, dont try and bring me down just cause your life didnt turn out the way you wanted.

All im tryin to say is, please, shut the fuck up. There is plenty to complain about with this school that you're completely missing. This place is so assbackwards i can hardly believe it.

So just suck a dick and shut the fuck up, maybe youll get lucky,choke and end your miserable miserable existence here.
College Life
It Happens
Join the seminary
by ConMan April 24, 2005
Ahh Mount Saint Mary's, a mecca for the fake and lame individuals who really know how to get on your last nerve. The girls--tanning...anyone? or should i say everyone... by the way, your already fake baked body from the tanning salon reveals how attention starved all of you are, please.. put a shirt on for me.. thanks. a.k.a "Pearl Girl" becasue for some reason they think fake pearls are cool to wear. Dont be fooled if you see a pretty girl on campus, when she takes off that mask of makeup... youll see that beauty is not skin deep. Beware becasue they are sluts as well, I happen to know of one who has herpies, So be careful...i guess thats what happen when you fuck 8 guys one week. Oh, there is a wide epidemic effecting the mount females, they are all color blind... either that or they think the "pink" sweatpants that really rnt pink are super cool! sike... lame... Now for the complement of these fake whores, the boys-- alcoholics who spend their evening playing water pong trying to make it seem as if they are playing beer pong just to get Jesse Dorman the DA to come out... Wow, what simple minded creatures... impressive and moderatly entertianing...really... You would want to avoid Sheridan Hall at all coasts if your trying to get school work done becasue there are thousands of girls that run up and down the hallways screaming and singing "Im a Dancing Queen"... please.. ur fat... no one wants to see you dance. In additon to the dinosaur running down the hall, your fellow students are inconsiderate... they will blast thier music so it impeades your ability to function, oh wait.. whats that Im hearing right now.. EMO, i guess that paralells your insistant whining and bitching... Oh.. wait.. a rap song, please your white, turn it off. What it pretty much boils down to is that mommy and daddy arent here to whipe thier childrens asses so you will find yourself surrounded and suffocated by immaturity, lameness, excessive drinking which leads to puking passing out or just being loud beligerent and ANNOYING... geeze,learn how to hold your liquior because the god squad over at pang sounds alot better than the people Im living with. WARNING: MALE MOUNT STUDENT=RAPIST, cuz its cool to get girls drunk and have your way with them... talk about not being able to get any, do you feel big now? taking advantage?? your cool... SIKE. By the way, you wont get pregnant if your boyfriend fingers you... to all the lame people the individual who asked that question represents.. the Poster Child of Mt. St. Marys.... the little asian girl that runs around here.... Caution: if you ever chose to visit this campus.. bring one thing: MARIJUANA. To be able to tolerate the lameness that occurs throughout the day you will need plenty of pot, otherwise you'll probably hang yourself or gouge your eyes out becasue of the irony that exsists on this Catholic campus filled with the spawn of satan. Until Next Time: TaTa
Mt. St. Mary's University Students Are Lame!
by wouldn'd you like to know :P April 12, 2005

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