a small town of about 10 people north of toronto ontario, not very well known for anything except for its 7 man march down the street every night.there's a high fear of populated streets in mount albert, more people are dieing due to the crowded streets, they're not used to it. there's a park and 2 convinience stores there, and that's about it. if you acquire a dealer in one of the 10 people living in mount albert, you'll recieve a text message EVERY day saying "you need tomorrow?" even when you're not in town. so when you think your town is bad, go to mount albert for a week.
guy 1: man i hate living in uxbridge, it's so ghetto and small. there's nothing to do here except for smoke up.
guy 2: you've clearly never been to mount albert, go there for a week and you'll appreciate uxbridge.
by eiousdikd :) March 26, 2009
Top Definition
The small town of awesomeness. There's one public school, a Crap ton of old people who drive really slow, and a nudeist park that u don't want to deliver pizza to... that's all i'm saying...
Mount Albert
by butterbaby92 April 05, 2011

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