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Mount&Blade Warband is the upcoming expansion to Taleworld's Action/RPG/Strategy game, Mount&Blade.

Warband will enhanced Mount&Blade with additional armors, weapons, and even enhancements like improved artificial intelligence and graphics.

One of the key features of Warband is the addition of multiplayer battles for up to 64 players. Currently, there is a beta test for the multiplayer portion and many of the Taleworlds forum members have been chosen.

The release date is currently set for Q1 of 2010.
"I checked my e-mail this morning and I got invited to the Mount&Blade Warband beta!!!"

"With Warband, we can finally have some better freaking battles. No more 'run run run run run fight fight fight fight over'."
by BaldurThor August 27, 2009
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