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A disgusting wasteland. It is the cloth Satan wipes his ass with. If you live in Mount Vernon, odds are you are not reading this because you are whoring your body, smoking crystal meth, committing a theft, driving a tractor, beating your wife, getting drunk, listening to country music, giving birth, inbreeding, or you are illiterate.

Mount Vernon is a landfill located outside of Evansville, Indiana. Its residents do not live there by choice, but are born into it as punishment for cruelties in a past life. It is pergatory.

It is plagued by white trash scumbags and close-minded rednecks. You will not find a decent human being. If you are passing through, turn the fuck around. There is no reason for a life form to come anywhere near the meth-infested shithole of Mount Vernon. Get the fuck out.
There was another meth lab explosion in Mount Vernon, Indiana yesterday.

Do not go near Mount Vernon, Indiana
by Abraham Rittertonsmith July 30, 2011
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