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A Jewish day school for rich Jews, located in Melbourne, Australia. It is the largest and most populated Jewish school in Australia. There are a few kindergarten campuses and a couple of primary campuses. The biggest of all the campuses is the Gandel Campus in the suburb Burwood. This campus is for grades 4-12, and has 1400 students.
Scopus is a shorter name for people who can't be bothered saying the full school name. It's a Jewish school, but not religious.

Scopus is the most awesome school in every way; but the only reason why it's not so great is because of all the jappy sluts and super-large groups. The assemblies at Scopus are usually very humorous.

The only reasons why Melbournian Jews don't go to scopus is because of the mean bitches, or because of the high price and they are unable to pay for Scopus' awesomeness.
Bobert: Mummy, look at that girl across the street. I haven't seen her in this street before.
Mum: Yes, darling. Jodi and her Block family are new to the street.
Bobert: Mummy, why is she wearing a weird star necklace?
Mum: That's because she is Jewish.
Bobert: And why is she wearing that top? It's way too big for her.
Mum: Hmm...I don't know. I guess she goes to Mount Scopus Memorial College. It must be a trendy thing at that school.
Dad: Ugh, I have a bad feeling about that girl Jodi. I don't want another Scopus kid living on our street. That girl will be having street parties every week!
Bobert: But how do you know, daddy?
Mum: That's what Scopus teens do, Bobert.
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 09, 2009
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