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A diverse town 45 Minutes north of Manhattan; home to many ethnic diversities and social classes. Hispanic immigrant populations and poor Blacks dominate the "Ghetto" part of town, while middle-class whites reside in antique townhouses of the Victoria style. Upper-Middle Class and Rich Whites live in secluded and secure condos like Guard Hill, Mt. Kisco Chase, and Glassbury Court, equivalent to their counterparts from Chappaqua and Bedford. Affluent businesses, especially designer boutiques and fashion, make up the business district. Beware of da Ghetto !
Mount Kisco is my home, I think.
by Bawishe June 24, 2008
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A small town in Westchester, NY. It's very culturally diverse, and a nice place to live.
"I live in Mount Kisco"
"Where? Near the Indian?"
by chachimachi January 27, 2009
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A small shitty ass city/town located 45 minutes north of new york city. Although it is located in westchester, one of the wealthiest counties in the united states, it is infested with mexicans and guatamalans. There are several people and landmarks that one must see in order to fully appreciate and experience mount kisco. First, MK is the birthplace and home town of local legand SMITHHHHHHHHH. We also boast the notorious drinking spot of pride rock (over the fense, up the trail, around the water tower and over the hill) and lastly contain a stip of land of 2 miles, that proudly houses 5 and a half mexicans per square foot, lexington ave. There are also several local eating establishments that should be noted. Applebees, located off the main strip is a local hangout for famous rapper DMX, and work place of super awesome steve... GOT MUCHO? Mount Kisco is also a major drug arterie from the city, several drugs come in through the train system, most of which are snorted through the noses of preppy john jay fucks. Weed is the drug of choice in mount kisco, it is easier to obtain than a glass of tap water and mostly within the local's price range. Police in the area are mostly assholes because there is never much action other than a dead mexican found in a lake every now and then. since they have to much free time, they get kicks out of fucking with teenagers and breaking up parties. Although Mount Kisco is neither an ideal place to grow up or live but whatever, ask anyone who lives there and they will say "at least we aint no bedford crackers".

ps u dont know kisco unless u know the black dude with the eyepatch and parrot
"YO, i live in mount kisco"
"where the fuck is that"

"this villaranga kid was beating off in class yesterday"
"I dont doubt it, that niggas from mount kisco"
by breadunit August 10, 2006
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