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A Mid-Sized town in South Australia that is largely supported by the local forestry industry. Mount Gambier has over 5 pubs, multiple drive through bottlos, a large liquor warehouse; and one health food store. The youths of this town spend most of their time either drinking, or driving up and down the main street doing what they call "mainies". There is a sparse amount of culture in Mount Gambier, and the single theatre hosts more stand up shows then actual theatre or music. Mount Gambier is a sanctuary for those who seek a simple existence free from the burden of culture and intelligence. But for the few people stuck there who have brains and hopes and dreams Mount Gambier is a bogan hell.
Person 1: So where do you live?
Person 2: ...Mount Gambier
Person 1: Oh my god, i didnt know im so sorry.
Person 2: So am I.
by Thewhitewarlock December 28, 2010

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