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Mounia -- Moon , Yea

The moon, the most gorgeous, breathtaking, beautiful, and romantic view, having its own glow in the dark skies; Mounia can't be but beautiful, romantic and simply breathtaking; everyone loves her! The moon is also something us human beings would die without. The day would be come life and the night would become death without Mounia.

" Yea " , a confirmation response. A person up to any challenge, a risk taker, an optimistic person. Most people are passive, Mounia is active.
If there was ever a change in the world, people like Mounia would most probably be responsible for it.
" Omg, you have such a beautiful baby, she's such a moon.
" You're right, I'm gonna call her Mounia!
" Perfect !


" I can't take my eyes off of her man
" I guess she must be a Mounia


" I know a girl with a heart bigger than mine dude !
" She must be a risk taker an adventurer, like a scout girl !
" Hell yea she is, I mean her names Mounia what do you expect!
by Jaozinho23 November 13, 2011
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