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1. male over the age of 40 who is deemed attractive by large numbers of younger women.

2. man cougar/ grown up version of a "manther"
1. I just saw the new Gerard Butler movie and he is one sexy mougar!
by EchoBravoFoxtrot August 06, 2010
a gay male cougar...
The last guy I boned, ended up being only 18! I feel like such a mougar!
by W!LV!LLE October 25, 2009
n. the male counterpart to the term cougar which refers to an older woman who dates younger men (e.g. Mrs. Robinson in the film Mrs. Robinson).
You're 27 and your date is 47? Yes, girl, I'd say he's a mougar.
by hotinmorewaysthanone June 04, 2009
1.Man Cougar
2.Older man who preys on younger women.
Dude your dads a mougar, he likes my eighteen year old sister.
by A-Rep November 29, 2009
male version of a cougar.

older men suffering from a mid life crisis looking for a younger female mate (often times as old as their youngest daughter)...
dead: J. Howard Marshall II but married Anna Nicole Smith

alive: Woody Allen Marries Soon-Yi Previn - with this one, he actually did date his adopted daughter!
by calif May 31, 2005
Noun; single male human, once reaching the age of 30 still being on the hunt for female counterpart "cougar".
Nate-dogg, still single on his 30th birthday, recently became a 'mougar'. Meowwww!!
by Gerberg Ollenvais June 16, 2006
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