A term used to describe a ladies genitalia, not si vulgar but definitely regional sounding.
"Oo i got a right itch on me mottie"
by mandy halstead April 12, 2008
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1) Noun - A descriptor for a very attractive woman, ie mega hottie
2) Verb - The act of sexual intercourse, ie shag
1) 'She's mottie' - pointing to a very attractive woman
2) 'I'd mottie her mate' - pointing to a very attractive woman
by lorge February 16, 2005
word used to describe a hot / fit / attractive girl
that girl is well mottie
by Maxwell-big t June 10, 2007
n. - nickname for "Martha"
Aunt Mottie is coming over to cook.
by "Cool Aaron" Taylor October 26, 2007

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