Vince Neil drove fast in his car hit and killed another rock star.

Tommy Lee got the hep C
so does his ex-wife Pamela Lee
they made a porn viddy
it showed Tommy boy's pee pee

Mick Mars looks like the devil's scrotum.

Nikki Sixx looks like a bitch.
Motley Crue once shot up whiskey cause they couldn't get a fix.
by THE END March 10, 2005
a bunch of hair band homos that wore makeup, had no real insight in their songs, and thought they were really bad ass cause everyone said they were...
"motley crue cant even touch real 80's bands like priest, maiden, and metallica. i wish they'd shut up and retire already!"
by prot April 04, 2006
The only Hair band to successfully hit mainstream.

Listened to by wannabe Metal heads and ditzy preps who think they're "hardcore".
Motley Crue Sucks. Period.
by Motley Crue = Monkey Crew February 25, 2006
A small piece of particularly dirty faecal matter, usually wearing make up and girly scarves.
I'll have to wipe my shoe on the grass as I just stepped in a Motley Crue.
by Lemmy March 22, 2005

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