Dr. Feelgood
Kickstart My Heart
Knock 'em Dead Kid
Looks That Kill
Girls Girls Girls!
Too Young To Fall In Love
by Spartans! November 08, 2004
how can all of you forget Smokin' In the Boys Room...sure u mention all of there kickass songs...but u miss one of the greatest ones of all!!
Cuz everybody knows that smokin aint allowed in skool!
by HELL YA!! April 14, 2005
best mother fucking rock band ever bitches.
my motorcycle and my switchbalde knife will fuckin kill you
by dr. feelgood March 24, 2005
In my opinion, the greatest hard rock/heavy metal band ever. Formed in 1980 by bassist Nikki Sixx (born Frank Ferrana) and drummer Tommy Lee (born Thomas Lee Bass). Guitarist Mick Mars (born Robert Allen Deal) put an add in Rolling Stone magazine that read 'Loud, aggressive, rude guitarist available', which Nikki promptly replied to. Singer Vince Neil (born Vince Neil Wharton) joined the band in 1981, and shortly after, they released their first album, 'Too Fast For Love' on their own independant label, Leathür Records. In '82, they signed with Elektra Records and released their second album, 'Shout At The Devil'. SATD included such hits as 'Looks That Kill', a cover of the Beatles' 'Helter Skelter' and the title track. In early 1983, Vince Neil got in a drunk driving accident with Hanoi Rocks' drummer, and friend Razzle, in the other car, killing him. Vince was charged with a DUI and Invoulentary Vehicular Manslaughter. In 1984, they released 'Theatre Of Pain', an album with darker lyrics possibly spawning from Neil's anguish from the crash. The album contained such singles as 'Smoking In The Boys Room' and the power ballad 'Home Sweet Home', which stayed at No. 1 on MTV for 40 days. This was the first time that MTV ever had to retire a video. In 1986, they released 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. This contained the songs 'Wild Side', 'Dancing On Glass', and the title track. In mid '87, while touring in Europe, Nikki Sixx died of a drug overdose. Fortunately, after they had already covered up the body, the ambulance driver recognized him. The Crüe was apperently his favorite band, and he didn't want it all to end. Two adrenaline needles to his heart and he was back. After this, all 4 members entered drug rehab. 2 years later, they emerged again with their highest grossing album to date, 'Dr. Feelgood'. It reached No. 1 on Billboard's 200 chart and contained such singles as 'Same Old Situation', 'Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)', the title track, and possibly their most famous song 'Kickstart My Heart', a song about Nikki's resurection and getting high on life instead of speed. They embarked on a world tour in support of the album, which was their highest grossing tour at the time. In 1991, they released a greatest hits album called 'Decade of Decadence' with 5 new tracks, including the sincle 'Primal Scream'. In '92, Neil was fired from the band and replaced by John Corabi (Scream, Ratt). They released a self-titled album that did way better musically then commercially. In '97, Neil returned for 'Generation Swine'. In 1998, Tommy Lee was charged with spousal abuse of then-wife Pamela Anderson, shortly after their infamous sex tape was released. While serving time in prison, Tommy Lee decided to leave the band. In '99, they released a 2-disc live album, and in 2000, they released 'New Tattoo' with former Ozzy Osbourne/Lita Ford drummer Randy Costillo. During the tour, Costillo was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2002. Costillo was replaced with drummer Samantha Moloney for the New Tattoo tour. In late 2004, what was going to be just a Vince Neil band tour stop in California, the four original members dropped down from a helecoptor onto the stage to announce their reunion. The Red, White, and Crüe tour started Valentines Day, 2005 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This tour is well on it's way to be their highest grossing tour of all time, and Sum 41 (the poor man's punk band) is opening for them!. Go see them or die, bitch.
Live-Wire, Looks That Kill, Home Sweet Home, Dancing On Glass, Dr. Feelgood, Primal Scream, Hooligan's Holiday, Generation Swine, Hell On High Heels, If I Die Tomorrow! Mötley Crüe PWNS your ass! If you want a real concert, go see the Crüe at their Carniväl Of Sins tour!
by REDWHITEnCrue25 August 18, 2005
best mothafuckin 80's band around. main influence of Marilyn Manson. looked like women, but creepy manly women, but they get to because they are BADASS.

Nikki Sixx-Co-founder with Tommy Lee, played bass and back up vocals, and wrote lyrics. Incredible drug addict. boned every girl in site. baller fuckin status.

Mick Mars-Wrote riffs and all guitar parts with Nikki Sixx. found in a newspaper add as "loud, rude, aggressive guitarist" accepted on the spot. he also sang backup along with his incredible guitar abilities

Tommy Lee-Drums. Co-founder. Made porn with Pamela anderson. ummm.......

Vince Neil-Vocals, knew Tommy in high schoo, so thats how they found eachother
Dr. Feelgood-Too Fast For Love-Live Wire-Wild Side-Girls Girls Girls-Kickstart My Heart-Your All I Need-Primal Scream-Slice Of Your Pie-Shout At The Devil FUCK YEAH MOTLEYMOTHERFUCKINCRUE!!!!!!!!!

guy 1:Motley Crue blows.

guy 2:go blow your mother

guy 1:i already did

guy 2:thats cuz your a non believer
by mah hahahaha August 19, 2009
A better band than you and your gay little friends could hope to start.
Motley Crue was the best band in the 80s.
by SmellyBaptist September 27, 2006
the most fucking AWESOME band EVER!!!
Motley Crue: do you really need an example? Live Wire, Dr. Feelgood, Primal Scream; Girls Girls Girls, On With The Show, Sick Love Song
by nikki sixx-9ed me November 04, 2006
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