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A sovereign nation found within the state of Montana, nearby to Missoula.
Capitol: the main house.
Population: 1 to 4 depending on plane fares.
Grizzly John got fed up with the high falootin city folk in Missoula so after a stand off, with the ATF, he declared Mother-in-lawlandia a sovereign nation.
by Mountain Dougie February 11, 2005
The place where Clinical Psychologists living in Montana go when their dreams of a happy family life and frequent copulations are thwarted by lowlife social workers from Texas. The word is derived from an incident involving a Clinical Psychologist who became engaged to a divorced woman living in Texas with her two children. The psychologist attempted to convince the social worker that he would be a good father if he gave up custody rights and let his children move to Montana with their mother. To sweeten the deal, he explained that they could live in a house with a mother-in-law apartment.

For two years the Clinical Psychologist harassed the social worker through emails including an increasingly bizarre combination of insults and scientific literature reviews. He even tried to force the hand of the social worker by marrying and impregnating his ex-wife. When he finally became convinced that the social worker did not want to become a better father by giving up his children, he abruptly moved into the mother-in-law apartment, armed himself with a shotgun and a hook-on beard, and declared himself the ruler of the soverign nation of Mother-in-lawlandia.

After a shoot-out with ATF agents ended with his mortal wounding, the Clinical Psychologist was found muttering, "Including snow! Including snow!" which he continued doing until he expired.

Since this incident, any time a Clinical Psychologist living in Montana goes crazy after waiting until his late 30s to find a suitable mate who lives 5 hours away by plane and is thwarted for two years by her ex-husband in his attempt to set up a houshold with her in Montana, he is said to have gone to Mother-in-lawlandia.
If that crazy mother-fucking Clinical Psychologist doesn't hurry up and get laid, he'll end up in Mother-in-lawlandia.
by Webster February 12, 2005
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