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1) This phrase is another way of saying mother fucker.

2) Saying someone is a fake mother.

3) Another way of saying someone is faking somthing.
1)Oh you mother faker.

2)Shit you aint my mom you mother faker!

3)Son you a little mother faker.
by JRR [Slick] December 19, 2008

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When a Mother fakes being supportive, happy, excited or any other emotion in order to up left a child or to make the child believe life is normal. Most commonly praticed during a school event or holiday.
My Father died on December 15th and then I was a Mother faker for Christmas that year.
by Aunt Chrissy July 19, 2010
a person who fakes something to be very dramatic
Greg is a motherfaker.
by Rappo June 26, 2007