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The bitch of all mothers. The meanest bitch of them all. A really mean person.
My ex girlfriend was a real mother bitch.
by Timay December 25, 2002
Another word for "trick", "bitch", etc.
Often followed by a hand movement. Point the index finger and act like you are tapping a button quickly without bending your finger. Just a flick of the wrist.

You've got it!
by GHETTOYEEEAH November 25, 2010
It's like motherfucker, but a nice term.
It was originated by Chandler Longbons when she was describing someone.
God, he is such a motherbitch.
by oOKenKenOo March 01, 2009
one who is not dignified to be a motherfucker. a term pioneered by GDMFSOB
"Y'all are assholes, motherbitches!"
by Yall December 14, 2005
The largest breed of a bitch, much like the queen ant
D00d did u c wat that gurl did 2 me? I wuz gunna smack that motherbitch!
by Jameis January 29, 2003
usually a term used in reference to your husband's mother, your mother in law.
hello mother....bitch.
by Lynn October 27, 2003
Prounced muh-bitch. It means same as mutha-fucka.
"Yo homie, whatz up muh-bitch?"
"Better step down muh-bitch, unless you wanna be getting iced up in this muh-fucka."
by Diego August 30, 2003