fucking person who gave birth to you.
and because of that they think they basically OWN you.
but they fucking don't.
and they want you to live your life how they wished there's could've been. they don't let you do what you want but what they want.
usually a bitchy woman, who wants bloody perfect children.

but she ain't getting them.
wish she didn't give birth to me so then i wouldn't have to go through this hell NOW.
by kirstyyyyyyy. August 29, 2007
The first lady of the chav household. She is often found whiling away the days watching her relatives on Trisha in her cigarette-stained dressing gown, yelling at the little chavs and smoking 60+ cigarettes a day.
Defining characteristics of chav mothers are:

i) A penchant for smoking
ii) Being single
iii) A love of TV-related magazines
by salad fingers147 October 24, 2005
really, the only person that will ever love you
every day should be mother's day, i love you mom
by mummysgirl July 04, 2011
A female thing that could be animal, insect, or human. A mother is the one who gives birth to a baby. Usually the one who takes care of the baby, but it matters what they are or if the mother wants the baby. Basicly if insect (commonly) they leave the egg there. Basicly overall, the mother usually the loving person who tends they're childeren and gives them love!
My mother took care of me since birth.
by Kitten Lover August 03, 2009
Somebody who can be a really nice person, but can also physically and verbally abuse you sometimes. Perhaps she does it out of anger, or hate, or whatever the reason. This is an actual conversation I had with my mother:
Her: Did you do something stupid?
Me: What? No! Why did you thnk that.
Her: Because ou're you, and you do stupid things (Ouch!)
Me: Hey...shut up!
Her: What did you say?
Me: Just stop! I don't need to listen to this!
Her: (smacks me across head) You don't tell me to shut up. I tell you to shut up. You can go to your room after dinner.

Me: (sigh) I wish my mother could just be grateful I exist...
by Alex4315 February 16, 2013
1) The female blood-related (and usually legal) caretaker of a child.
2) A series of obscure JRPGS created by Shigesato Itoi.
I'm going to be a mother soon!

Mother 2 is known as EarthBound in North America.
by TheNinjaNerd September 10, 2015

- other is used as a short form for mother fucker
- if intense pain is experienced by an individual, they may scream out: "OW; that hurt like a mother"
- if somebody stubs their toe they may yell such a short-form
- used when in the presence of others who do not condone swearing
- also used because the short form makes you sounds quite silly

- can also be used when insulting somebody, especially if they do something stupid, as it is a slightly less crude way of saying mother fucker : "Dude, you're such a mother.."
"OW; that hurt like a mother"

"You're such a mother.."
by TurkeyHunter October 22, 2013

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