A female thing that could be animal, insect, or human. A mother is the one who gives birth to a baby. Usually the one who takes care of the baby, but it matters what they are or if the mother wants the baby. Basicly if insect (commonly) they leave the egg there. Basicly overall, the mother usually the loving person who tends they're childeren and gives them love!
My mother took care of me since birth.
by Kitten Lover August 03, 2009

- other is used as a short form for mother fucker
- if intense pain is experienced by an individual, they may scream out: "OW; that hurt like a mother"
- if somebody stubs their toe they may yell such a short-form
- used when in the presence of others who do not condone swearing
- also used because the short form makes you sounds quite silly

- can also be used when insulting somebody, especially if they do something stupid, as it is a slightly less crude way of saying mother fucker : "Dude, you're such a mother.."
"OW; that hurt like a mother"

"You're such a mother.."
by TurkeyHunter October 22, 2013
Those anoying people that only say anoying, stupid, embarassing shit. Even so, you can't call them on it because you need their money.
"Do you love your mother"=
"I want to punch her in her idiotic, old face but, I need a ride to the movie."
by Rokenrobin March 03, 2012
an annoying little creature set out to embarrass us all
Oh shit my mom is subbing my class!
by kim March 04, 2004
The most amazing, strong, loving, and heroic woman you will ever know. She gets up earlier and stays up later then anyone else and still manages to keep the family together. She teaches you the things you can't learn from anyone else through examples and hard work. Often punishes you for things you don't think are fair as a child but grow up to appreciate the character she helped you build.
My mother is my best friend.
by Kat85 June 17, 2008
The woman who basically gave birth to you,feeds you and use to change your shitty nappies
Mother is god in the eyes of every child-quote from the movie "Silent Hill"
by HiimAK September 02, 2010
the person who let you fall out of her vagina. You should be thankful.She can boss you around and make you do all the stuff her mom made her do when she was a kid.
OMG, that lady just stabbed that boy!
Yeah, she is going to get in even more trouble because she is his mother.
that is too bad.
by Pure Genius/Awesome May 23, 2010
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