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(N.) Tucker Libowitz, better known in the street drugs industry as "Mother Tucker." He wears a magenta, pimped out suit and feather hat, and has a large glass left eye and a crackhead-like tiny right eye, which doesn't match the other at all. Tucker Libowitz is also A high buisness Drug Dealer by day, and a seedy Hollywood agent by night. His careers unfortuneatly came to an end, though as he was arrested in 2000 for Sipping Wheat Grass at a Dairen, Connecticut juice bar and was sentenced 6 consecutive Life Sentences. DA END, BABY!
Mother Tucker: "I'm Tucker Libowitz, and I got Puffy off in court. But I was Hi on Krak."
Interviewer: "And the alleged results?"
Mother Tucker: "I'm still hi on Krak."
Interviewer: "But the worst was yet to come."
by G-Union October 30, 2003
A noun used to describe any person who is currently looking after their mother. Often used in specific reference to the act of tucking a mother into bed.
Tracey: "I'm going to tuck in my mother"
John: "You mothertucker"
by Daniel Spiller April 24, 2008
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