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Definitely the school filled with most whores. It's like a whore/bitch magnet. They don't learn shit. Many of these girls end up drunk/high/pregnant ALL THE TIME. And they end up as target or Walgreens workers. or porn stars. if they're lucky.
they typically have conversations about who they hooked up with that weekend. because thats the only thing they know how to talk about.

However, there is a small percentage of decent people at that school who aren't like the people in the above statement at all
"Hey Brittany, I hooked UHHPP with this guy while I was drunk in his car."
"yeah, and then some other guy called me and came over and we smoked cheap ass marijuana and had sex <3"
"are you preggers?"

(outsiders)-"obviously they go to Mother McAuley High School"
by SillyBilly123456789 November 01, 2010
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