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The Mother Of A Duck
"I hope that this Mother Ducker is fine with 12 baby ducks following her."
by SomeoneInTheWorld November 23, 2009
iPhone auto-correct fail.

Also happens on many other "smart"phones.

Boy: I can't wait to see your vagina pics. It must be so beautiful.

Girl: What? Are you drunk? I certainly don't have any of those pics haha

Boy: *vacation. I mean vacation, not vagina. Damn this motherducker iPhone auto-correct.

Boy: *motherducker

Boy: *motherfucker
by khangster1406 May 16, 2011
A person who dodges anything constantly, e.g. people, plans, relationships, commitments, etc., typically with a flimsy or no excuse. Can also be an alternate spelling of "motherfucker" for cellphone users who refuse to upgrade to modern mobile devices. Variants include: Adj. - motherducking, V.- motherducked
She never returns your calls either? That motherducker's gonna lose friends if she doesn't reciprocate.
by henchling August 16, 2009
What happens when autocorrect corrects MotherFucker
Guy 1: I'm going to beat you motherducker

Guy2: Don't you mean MotherFucker
by Weirdo Sheep November 29, 2015
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