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Prounced muh-bitch. It means same as mutha-fucka.
"Yo homie, whatz up muh-bitch?"
"Better step down muh-bitch, unless you wanna be getting iced up in this muh-fucka."
by Diego August 30, 2003
6 44
Exclamation used to express frustration. Similar to Mother Fucker or Shit
Mother Bitch! I forgot my keys!
by Christi R. December 04, 2005
149 41
1) An alternate to 'motherfucker' to the impersonal; more accurately directed at inanimate objects and situations, whereas motherfucker is generally reserved for person-to-person communications.
2) A dire situation or circumstance.
3) Short for 'the mother of all bitches'.
God that test was a MOTHER-BITCH!

Mother-bitch! It's raining AGAIN.

Hand me the bat, Johnny. I'm going to teach that motherbitch a lesson he'll never forget.
by Blaine April 03, 2003
84 20
term used to describe the extent of one's pain.
ever drop an iron on your foot? dang, that hurts like a mother bitch!
by jterrific December 29, 2005
49 24
A girl with such an attitude, that she has alot of enemies. Use everyone to their own advantage and treat their friends like crap, usually a perfetic loser who thinks to be better then others...
She is not just a bitch, she is the bitch of all bitches. She's the mother bitch...

What did she say? ...that mother bitch !!!
by Anonymous JohnnyG May 08, 2009
36 23
Similar to "Mother fucker", the term Mother Bitches is usually used to convey frustration over a spontaneous problem.
Mother bitches! Why won't my car start?
by Bpasty September 30, 2010
12 1
The most bitchy person in the room. The mother of all bitches.
I am mother bitch today.
by hellish_ho February 24, 2009
11 8
The bitch of all mothers. The meanest bitch of them all. A really mean person.
My ex girlfriend was a real mother bitch.
by Timay December 25, 2002
28 28