When you smoke a regular ciggarette(preferably a KOOL) and a DJARUM Clove at the same time... live off that children
Djarum cloves are good, but i dont know any other brands..

I lit up a mossberg and felt dece
by D SON November 27, 2007
Top Definition
America's oldest family owned and operated firearm manufacturer, and the largest producer of pump action shotguns in the world. Now one of the favored weapons by rappers in their songs.
"It's the hustler's ambition, close your eyes listen, see my vision, Mossberg pumpin', shotgun dumpin'" - 50 Cent
by jutm543 October 29, 2005
to blow a fatass nut on a deserving female.
Yo i mossberg'd that bitch last night!
by mgaro April 05, 2009
Company who produces fine weapons, specializing in shotguns.
Alex: I feel sorry for the guy who breaks into my house
Chris: why?
Alex: Because my Mossberg M500 will leave a gap between his kidneys.
by Alex Hatchock July 05, 2005
*A corporation that manufactures high-quality shotguns.

*Shortened name referring to a Mossberg-made shotgun.
"You can use a Mossberg in Battlefield Vietnam!"

"I have a Mossberg too. It's an M500, 12-gauge, pump-action. Sometimes I call it a 'Mossy'. My Mossy is quite accurate too. ^_^ "
by Dave June 16, 2004
A maker of shotguns.

12 gauge
You can do all them pushups to pump up your chest/But I've got a twelve gauge Mossberg to pump up your chest
by Davy November 16, 2003
A shotgun, usually 12 gauge, mentioned in songs by 50 cent and Game
You can do all them push ups to pump up your chest/
I got a 12 gauge Mossberg to pump up your chest/
by sasseen July 18, 2005
to not show up to an event after RVSPing then calling and giving a long winded fair fetched excuse.
Damn it! Jeff just mossberg'd me for my birthday party.
by SaltyChip January 25, 2005

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