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Mosh Etiquette is what separates most metal from most punk mosh pits. This unwritten rule pamphlet, too few rules for a book, there are only 3 (to me)

1. Don't be an ass. If you go into a pit looking to hurt as many people as bad as you can, someone will probably take a bottle to the back of your head. Weapons are an absolute beating coming your way, depending on the show, the band might kick you the fuck out after your beating.

2. If someone falls down you stop moshing and pick them up, if they are hurt, help them out of the pit. Failure to do so will result in an old breed mosher beating the fuck out of you. Pretty entertaining.

3. If a person is on the edge of the pit, you are not supposed to drag them in, unless you know them and they won't mind. The "guards" as I call them are life long pit encirclers, they contain it to a certain area of the floor. They like the physicality with the minimal chance of getting hurt.

As a last note, don't throw crowd surfers into the pit, we won't catch them.
Lots of punks follow some form of mosh etiquette. Some metalheads too
by Get me off this November 13, 2010
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