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Moses Brown is a private Quaker school on the East Side of Providence. The third oldest private school in the country, MB is known for its rigorous academics and Friends school philosophy. It is considered one of nations premier secondary school. In its layout and architect MB resembles a miniature version of Brown. Basically, its where you send your kids if you dislike the concept of boarding school. Moses Brown's sister school is Sidwell Friends in DC.

Fun Fact: Josh Swartz the creator of Gossip Girl and The OC loosely based much of the OC on his time at Moses Brown. Although for whatever reason he was asked to leave MB after his junior year and finished upper school at The Wheeler School.
mb mo brown moses brown the moses brown school mobrown
by JN55 March 28, 2009
An elite independent school located in Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 1784, Moses Brown is a nursery through grade 12 school which boasts rigorous academics and exceptional athletics.
That kid from Providence is brilliant- he must be a graduate of Moses Brown School.
by MosesBrown May 09, 2006
Moses Brown is a private school on the east side of Providence. It is full of rich kids and basically all the sluts and homos that can't get into any other schools. Basically, it sucks in comparison to Providence Country Day School (even if its filled of dumb jocks), Wheeler School (even if it's Queeler and full of gays), Lincoln School (even if it's filled of drunk lesbians) and any other place on the east side.
-Woah that kid is lame where does he go to school?
-Dude he doesn't go to PCD, Queeler, or Lincoln so he must be from Moses Brown School
-Oh he must suck balls
by clearlystated February 23, 2009
A school located in Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 1784, Moses Brown is a nursery through grade 12 school. Kids that get accepted to the school are kids that couldn't get in to Gordon or Pennfield. The boys are homosexuals and dumb. The girls rape anything in sight.
Why is that guy homeless and that girl grinding on that dog? Oh they go to Moses Brown School.
by Zr0Cool October 18, 2008
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