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(1) A person who is helluh cute and can be a model. Also laughs a lot and says "YESH" instead of "YUSH." A person who loves video comments on their pictures and loves to party. Very sociable and out going. A morvarid is also a person that loves everybody and everybody loves them.

(2) Someone that everyone wants to be.

(3) Awesome dance skills.
Student A : did you see that new student yet?
Student B: No why?
Student A: oh my god she's such a morvarid.
Student B: Daaam, can't wait to meet her.
by KyriousShuriken January 24, 2010
Something that is disgusting, repulsive or grotesque, to the point where it sickens you.
Adam: "Did you watch that watch that horror movie I told you about?"

Pete: "Yeah, that was pretty morvarid"
by blllawry November 03, 2011