a fat man; who sometimes shows humanity. But most of the time insanity and racism (see mout)
Morty is so racist!!!!
by K Master M June 03, 2003
Top Definition
The Ecruteak Gym Leader in Pokemon, who is UBER-HOT and looks like a stoner. :3

He trains ghost-type Pokemon when he's not smoking crack like a good boy.

Tells people of the legend of the Burnt Tower, which burned when he dropped a joint and the whole place went up but he was too slammed ot do anything about it.
Morty bought more crack from Falner today.
by Oos! OMGWTFLMAO August 11, 2004
a nickname given to the suburb of mortdale, sydney, Australia.
shaun: catch ya down at morty? good side?

ayden: nah bad side! i wanna buy singles at ctc
by mortdale June 25, 2009
Morty is a Jew dog name. It represents the best and most intelligent form of dog.
I wish I had a Morty
by Narisa September 10, 2010
The embodiment of when your car has a noisy problem which you don't fix, such as a loose strut or even a loud creaking noise, referred to as a dead guy trying to break out of his coffin
Dude were you in Adie's car today, Morty's pissssssed!
by Danthrax March 16, 2004
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