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When i first laid eyes on this man i was like "damn, he's hot"!

Morteza is the name of the sexiest man alive. He's got chiseled abs and a haircut he spends hours probably doing himself cause he's that skilled yo. A workaholic but loves to joke around and make you smile and laugh. Morteza gets all the ladies. If you find a Morteza, you better keep him ;)
Damn, have you seen that Morteza?!
by hisgirlfriendBOO! October 18, 2012
Morteza (aka Mortaza, Murtaza or in Arabic: مرتضى) is an Islamic based name for men dating back to the prophet Muhammad. It is a common Arabic name, as well as Persian name, which translates into "chosen." Another common meaning is "He who God is pleased with."
He is quite favored. He is Morteza.
by pocahontas gone bad June 13, 2012
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